Gesehen: Die glorreichen Sieben (2016)

Zugegeben, die 60er Version ist aus heutiger Sicht auch etwas mau, aber irgendwie, nunja, halbwegs authentisch.
Die 2016er Version ist zwei Stunden nochwas ohne jegliche Spannung oder überhaupt einem Faden.
Ach nee, die Story: Ein böser Goldgräber schiesst ein paar Leute tot, woraufhin sich eine Witwe ein paar Revolverhelden zusammensucht, die das richten.
Viele Leute sterben, beim Bösewicht ist das nicht ganz so eindeutig, schliesslich könnte man ja noch Teil 2-4 (bzw. 3-5) rausschinden.

Fazit: 2 Stunden nochwas schöne Kamera und gute Schauspieler und Drehbuch für 8-jährige.

Note: 3-

getestet: Dr. Oetker Champignon-Baguette


Es gibt mittlerweile ess- und geniessbare Tiefkühlbaguettes.
Was zur Hölle soll das? Was mach ich jetzt mit meinem Weltbild?

Note: 2,4


Ich gebe zu ich hab „den“ Film nicht gesehen, mir haben die Kritiken gereicht. „bemühter Aufguss“ finde ich völlig ausreichend, wenn das bemühte Science-Fiction-trara in der Vergangenheit schon irgendwas zu bieten gehabt hätte, nunja.

Jedenfalls, es gibt da irgendein Lego-quatsch dazu. Und alle so: „Yeah“.

wird die Geschichte von Das Erwachen der Macht offenbar auf ähnlich witzig-schräge Art erzählt, wie sie aus früheren Lego-Spielen bekannt ist (

Witzig, irgendein Merchandise-Scheissdreck von irgendeinem IN-Scheissdreck, den ich unbedingt brauche, ist witzig. Wo muss ich bestellen?

Ein Star-Wars-Lego-computerspiel. Wie innovativ. Wo muss ich … ach hatte ich schon

Gesehen: Schulz und Böhmermann 3

Wenn die hohlen Gäste nich wären, wäre es halbwegs lustig.

Zur Realitätssynchro mal noch knapp 10 Minuten Folge 2 geschaut: Braucht wirklich kein Mensch.


Fefe is down oO

23:12: hups!

9 billion on infrastructure over two yearsBut the dollar value

What experience will help you in office? My real estate and my mortgage banking plus law enforcement experience. With my many years as a real estate agent and with mortgage banking experience iphone credit card case, I dealt with financial issues and how to resolve a lot of issues that were just simple things to do. I have worked in the construction and rehab industry for many years as well..

iPhone Cases B claims that the capital gains tax hurts innovation by reducing the appetite of investors for riskier start ups. He argues that the abolition of our capital gains tax encourage productivity growth in Canada, which would in turn improve the living standards of all Canadians. In his report, he quotes a 2004 Finance Department study that shows that each dollar reduction in capital gains taxes would lead to economic gains of approximately $1.30. iPhone Cases

iphone 8 case Who doesn want an I Phone? It dream of every mobile lover to own an I Phone. We all know the reason for it. Iphone is one such product of apple which brought revolution in the mobile industry. When I feel snacky, I grab one. Usually, that enough, and I feel less inclined to get off my lazy bum and grab another. Sometimes, I will get the second one. iphone 8 case

iPhone Cases „I think it’s got a future. It’s taken on a life of its own. George was the prime mover. It is an important weekend if the WolfPack wants to qualify for the playoffs, it pretty much has to beat the Bobcats iphone 6 credit card case, who have won six straight. TRU currently is eighth in the conference, with the top seven teams making playoffs. Brandon sits sixth, with the Calgary Dinos (6 6) in seventh. iPhone Cases

iphone x cases 1 point submitted 10 hours agoAfter clicking on the „(EXPERIMENTAL) Update based on in Game economy data“ button at the top of the Unique, Currency or DivCard section, there should be a popUp window where you can select League, sorting mode and also a button with „Advanced settings“. Clicking on that button should display another box below it with a list of tiers and an input field for each of it thresholds. After clicking one of the two „Execute“ buttons there should be a new popUp window (after maybe 1 second delay) that says it successfully applied the economy data.If any of those buttons does nothing, it sounds like there was an error while executing it. iphone x cases

iPhone Cases I liked to see him come out and challenge Zaha both times last game, even if he was late and fouled Zaha the 2nd time. The defense can know what to expect from him, whereas with Mignolet, there was so much indecision from our defense stemming from his inconsistency and hesitation.icantstoppooping 1 point submitted 1 month agoYeah that good the collaborative and conversational form paranoia takes, and is compounded from. The film seems to be a more individual endeavor, self created, with characters along the way who help support and increase and give shape to idea that he on to something, the something of which may be real, may be not (much like Crying Lot). iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases It began when Trump said President Barack Obama and other presidents often did not contact the families of deceased troops, a claim quickly refuted. Then on Wednesday leather iphone card case, the mother of one of Dustin Wright fellow soldiers iphone 7 plus case with card slot, Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, accused Trump of disrespecting her family in a condolence call Tuesday. iPhone Cases

iphone 8 case In government, however, the overall proportion of contracts they awarded without a competitive process has been 17 per cent, the same as the previous regime.Federal government to boost infrastructure dollars, total allocated spending up 5.7% for the quarterTrudeau woos investors with $35 billion infrastructure bankFederal budget 2016: Liberals to spend $11.9 billion on infrastructure over two yearsBut the dollar value of sole sourced contracts awarded by the Liberals actually increased. About one quarter of the value of contracts awarded under Trudeau went to non competitive deals, compared to 14 per cent during former Prime Minster Stephen Harper final year.The Liberals campaigned on an infrastructure spending bonanza to boost the economy, but, just as importantly, they promised a transparent, modernized procurement system to facilitate it all. More than a year into their term, Canadian companies and workers are still waiting for the promised spending, job creation and system changes to materialize.The importance of a competitive and efficient procurement system to the economy is no small thing. iphone 8 case

iPhone x case Energy suppliers during the 1990s. The company mission is to help customers compare prices on a range of services including gas, electricity, home phone, broadband and personal finance products, and take advantage of the best prices and services offered by suppliers. The service is free to consumers. iPhone x case

iphone 8 plus case Major hardware improvements include a loud speaker iphone 6 wallet case magnetic, powerful torch, good quality 1.3 MP camera with a camcorder built in and a neck strap extension. This rugged Samsung phone also comes in a choice of three color combinations green/black, red/black, blue/black. The phone comes with the IP54 standard certification that can deal with water, dust, shocks, drops and also mud.The battery lasts up to two weeks with average use iphone 8 plus case.

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wholesale jewelry „I‘ll talk about Greenville all day long, everywhere I go. I hope my business acts as a kind of ambassador for the area,“ she said. „I think the lake is just a really alluring and compelling presence, but not enough people know about it. We were on the secondary campus, which was divided into lower and upper schools. We headed to the upper school’s campus were the older students resided and learned. All around the campuses was space. wholesale jewelry

cheap jewelry With 30 vendors and a concession on site. West. More than 100 nativity exhibits eye earrings, a kids cookie decorating station, refreshments and Christmas music. Matt Lauzon said he was around 13 when he was abused by a convicted sex offender he met while walking home from his job cleaning a local bank. The man approached him and complimented his pitching during Little League games, Lauzon said. They ended up going back to the man house heart earrings studs, where Lauzon said he was sexually abused.. cheap jewelry

cheap jewelry 20, 2017Field Reports: Esko hunter the latest to take mature buck with antlers in velvetDuluth city deer harvest now over 200 deer and countingAsk a Conservation Officer: Digital copies of licensesHouston fishing report: Ice anglers still on holdcommunityHeadlinesPets of the Week for Nov. 21Retaining young hunters presents a challenge, Grand Forks parent saysAsk a Trooper: Can my child wear a bicycle helmet on an ATV or side by side?Make a Difference FacesA Superior man was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison Wednesday after admitting that he drove to the state of Virginia to pick up a 14 year old girl and transported her back to the Twin Ports to engage in sexual activity. District Court in Madison. cheap jewelry

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trinkets jewelry Year white zircon earrings, we only played 90 holes, so we‘re just having to push it a little more quickly this year, Bennett explained. It a daunting task for those participating. Really try not to think about how many holes we have left or how many we‘ve already played, golfer Max Davis told News 4. trinkets jewelry

junk jewelry A cute, ribbed crop crew tee costs $28, while an ethereal open back wrap dress in airy georgette runs $428. „It’s like a mini department store,“ says owner Tom Flight. Fresh in the mix: lotions and potions, aromatherapy products and makeup from Bare Minerals and Smashbox. junk jewelry

trinkets jewelry The ship earrings for women, made of Lego blocks, is the creation of Charles Keeney flower earrings studs, 11. Charles said the ship took him more than two days to make and contains more than 500 Lego pieces. The ship is Charles‘ latest creation. Ever the merciful killer, he laughs along when a convicted entertainer tells a joke as his last request; he spends the night with an old shaman in order to prove her sanity (insane criminals cannot be executed). A much tougher case emerges when Asaemon’s policeman buddy, „Catcher“ Kasajiro, must hunt down a serial killer called the Bamboo Splitter. Behind the elaborate crimes is an even more elaborate story that will leave the Edo police force stunned.Decapitator Asaemon may be the most renowned swordsman in Edo, but his job as a sword tester/executioner has its downside trinkets jewelry.

1, but it was not one of the two handguns with which he opened

Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. 22, 2017 /CNW/ Freedom Mobile today announced it will offer iPhone X, the future of the smartphone, featuring a revolutionary new design with a stunning all screen display, and the new generation iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

iphone 8 plus case I called Nicol Jenkins, managing editor of „The Our Town News iphone leather wallet case,“ and asked if the Merle Lynn in the story is actually Merle Rosenberg in classified. In the few minutes on the phone, Jenkins sounded surprised. She was very polite though. What I mean by this is that I don‘t think Rite Aid is likely to get much, if any, interest in this offer. If you‘ll recall the first image I posted in this article, you might notice that management intends to pay noteholders 100% of par value for the notes, plus any accrued and unpaid interest up to the date the notes are acquired.Paying 100% of par is just fine in cases where notes have a tendency to trade at a discount to par (I‘ve seen tenders made for notes of some companies well below par). However, this is not the case for Rite Aid. iphone 8 plus case

iphone 8 case Lenovo also saw improvement in China with a seven percent revenue increase quarter to quarter. While the last few quarters in China have been challenging, the improvements that have been put in place including new leadership and an expanded sales force, are helping to turn this business around there and drive new customer wins across hyperscale, big data, and private cloud. Lenovo global accounts grew strongly again 18% year on year and services bookings grew over 100% year on year setting up a strong foundation for the future. iphone 8 case

iphone 7 case If you are going to spend a lot of money to get an iPhone 4 you need to make sure that you protect it properly. You‘ll also want to get some accessories for using your iPhone 4 in the car, charging it up and maybe listening to music. Here are some round up guides to the best iPhone 4 cases and accessories.. iphone 7 case

iphone 7 plus case A.380 caliber Hi Point handgun was among the weapons he carried into the Snyder Hall classroom on Oct. 1, but it was not one of the two handguns with which he opened fire, investigators said. He said his office had finished its investigation by early 2016.. iphone 7 plus case

iphone 6 plus case Now Tory supporting media outlets and a lot of Tory voters are surprised that migrants are being treated like shit, when that what they been voting for this entire time. I say, take responsibility for your votes Conservatives and accept you fucked up massively. Critics accused them of practising „dog whistle politics“ and perpetuating the „toxic, anti immigrant rhetoric of Nigel Farage’s Ukip“.. iphone 6 plus case

iPhone Cases sale It’s possible my sieve may simply be awry or it could be that Altice’s research coverage is comprised of a particularly contrarian group of analysts. There is also the possibility that they are suffering from „fee blindness“ after all, six of the thirteen analysts providing target price estimates for the Group’s stock are working at securities firms that either received fees paid by Altice for M advice or were paid underwriting fees for co managing its securities issues. But let’s be less cynical and assume there’s no tie between the target prices and the investment banking remuneration. iPhone Cases sale

iphone 8 case MyProfiles is a terrific app to effectively set alerts for various functions on your iPhone. It takes the stress out of having to constantly change the alert settings on your phone each time you step in to a meeting iphone flip case, take a nap and so on. You can customize alerts for critical emails and SMS messages according to subject, who the sender is and the time they are sent. iphone 8 case

iPhone Cases sale In previous articles, we have covered the importance of psychological fortitude in such a volatile and binary event driven sector, as well as the need to stay focused on the catalysts rather than day to day price movements. We have also discussed the dangers of trading naked options, a habit of numerous retail biotech traders, many of whom can keep a winning streak going for quite a while before getting buried by an unexpected catalyst or big move.In this article, we will tackle another broad topic that should be of interest to biotech investors. Specifically , we cover the various advantages, disadvantages, risks, and rewards of trading before and after various types of catalyst. iPhone Cases sale

iPhone Cases Banks was a standout high school football star at Polytechnic High School (Poly) in Long Beach, California. In 2002, his Junior year iphone leather case luxury, Banks verbally committed to USC.[6] After being falsely accused of rape by a classmate, he spent more than five years in prison and five years on strict custody parole, but had his conviction overturned in 2012 after his accuser admitted she had fabricated the entire story. Following his exoneration iphone leather wallet case, Banks sought to resume his football career, playing for the now defunct United Football League (UFL), attending mini camps for several NFL teams, and later signing with the Atlanta Falcons iPhone Cases.

Diplomatic gifts are usually considered symbols of friendship

Am I covered for an „Act of God“?A. Yes. Normally ear pins, you are covered for „Acts of God.“ The term „Act of God“ usually refers to natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, as opposed to man made acts, like thefts or auto accidents. It doesn matter if you buy it for yourself or someone as a gift, it is a hit! Solid gold chains are a wonderful accessory for all occasions. You may keep it for special events but many people like to wear theirs daily. It can go well with casual clothing or be the right accessory for a dressier outfit.

junk jewelry I need help organizing my life, really I do. ^^;; So, first up, what should I use this blog for (I really only came back to update the stats on the side. Should I update here Like, fics, that original story that I not working on, etc. Obama most expensive present, meanwhile, was valued at only about a sixth of his wife jewelry about $10 thin pave hoop earrings,400, CBS News reported. It was a glass amber colored sculpture of a falcon on a branch, from Qatar ambassador to the United States.The presents, by federal ethics rules, have to be turned over to the federal government for storage, unless the recipient wants to buy the item. Diplomatic gifts are usually considered symbols of friendship, alliance and peace and rarely noted simply for their monetary values.. junk jewelry

fake jewelry It can heal Aurora and her friends. Each character, friendly or hostile, is represented by an icon on a timeline; when the icon gets about 80 per cent across, time stops and you‘re asked to choose an action. Some actions happen almost immediately charms for bracelet, but if you want to cast a powerful spell, time slows to a crawl. fake jewelry

bulk jewelry A trend being repeated across much of the region despite sluggish markets and worries about a double dip recession.Demand is booming in Asia for luxury cars, upmarket properties, art and jewelry, driven by a seismic shift in wealth from West to East.In their latest annual wealth report, Capgemini/Merrill Lynch said the number of Asian high net worth individuals, defined as having over $1 million in disposable income, soared to 3.3 million in 2010, while their wealth surged to $10.8 trillion.Europe had 3.1 million millionaires last year with $10.2 trillion in disposable income, while North America had 3.4 million with $11.6 trillion.With more wealthy Asians than ever before, sales of luxury goods, properties and cars are soaring.In Singapore, just one BMW dealership in the city sells around 350 cars a month. In Greater China, which includes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, BMW said it sold a total of 130,659 cars in the first six months of the year animal jewelry, up 60 percent from a year earlier.Christie the auction house, says Asian sales of art ear climber earrings, fine wine, jewelry and porcelain in the first half of 2011 were 68 percent above the previous year at $515 13 14 trillion dollars spend in the region, one quarter of the world wealth, said Porush Singh, senior vice president at MasterCard Worldwide. Global financial balance is shifting toward Asia. bulk jewelry

junk jewelry However, since they have flown under the radar for so long, many people remain unaware of some aspects of these cufflinks. This paragraph is not intended to convince you to not purchase Montblanc cufflinks from Ebay, but rather to open your eyes to the fact that you should be very careful when looking for authenticity. The things like the seller rating and previous buyer reviews should give you a good idea of their reputability in the online selling industry. junk jewelry

Men’s Jewelry Rap was on the radio, Major Lazer member Diplo recently told NME magazine. Didn think: I white, I got to play a guitar. I never had a guitar. Fabric Jewelry BoxesFabric jewelry boxes are becoming increasingly popular. Usually smaller than wooden boxes, they‘re frequently lined with a combination of satin and velvet. They may have decorative beading on the outside and come in a wide range of colors so as to match the room’s decor. Men’s Jewelry

junk jewelry Clair Square in August. Zumiez, a retailer aimed at the skater set, will open a number of new stores including ones in St. Clair Square in August, Mid Rivers Mall in September and West County Center in October. Tiles are a type of hard flooring and are available in a wide range of natural and man made materials. Ceramic tiles, mosaics, slate and marble are just some of the choices available and each come with their own pros and cons. The main advantage of tiles is that they are extremely hard wearing and if well maintained will last a very long time junk jewelry.

It is still developing Windows 10 Mobile and it retains a

LG’s Full Vision display when combined with the company’s Android Nougat based UX 6.0 software allows users to run apps in two perfectly square windows side by side. It will allow users to take a picture and then simultaneously review the same in a square 1:1 identical to the one offered by the view finder. All in one go: which means, what you (will) see is what you (will) get.

iphone 7 case Holy Grail.'‘ In that review wallet phone case iphone x, I called his songs „a return to old school hip hop, laden with message and outrage. „Drinking alcohol also deprives the body of essential nutrients like vitamins, electrolytes and fluids. As you lose these key nutrients, your skin looks less healthy and vibrant. It’s also harder for your body to naturally rejuvenate dull skin because alcohol depletes your body’s natural sources of vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps promote cell turnover and keeps skin looking youthful,“ he explains.. iphone 7 case

iphone 6 plus case Back in January iphone xs max wallet case leather, if someone had asked me what the dominant political headline would be for much of 2017, I don think I would have responded with series of complicated tax changes affecting Canada small businesses. For the past four months phone case with card holder iphone xs, the July package of federal tax reforms was a leading story in the news almost every day. Hundreds of articles, editorials, online petitions, rallies and public meetings kept this issue alive. iphone 6 plus case

The watch’s debut also heralds a turning point in Tim Cook’s three year reign as Apple CEO. Although the company has thrived under Cook’s leadership, it had only released upgrades to the iPhone, iPad and other products hatched before his predecessor, Steve Jobs, died in October 2011. The lack of totally new devices raised questions about whether Apple had run out of ideas without the visionary Jobs..

iPhone x case An optional docking station will turn the S8 phone into a desktop computer when connected to a regular TV. In that mode, people will be able to resize windows and work with several apps at once. It similar to what Microsoft offers on its Windows 10 phones. iPhone x case

cheap iphone Cases On getting his start in the south Texas indy scene: I got trained by Tugboat Taylor and his son, Chaz in the late 90s and I started with Texas All Star Wrestling around 1999. Back then, everything was hot. WWE, WCW and ECW was really hot. In addition, policies guiding the use of information acquired through mobile phone vendors or government agencies must be established: privacy and confidentiality are essential given the emerging threat of cybercrime. Innovative, cost effective mHealth interventions are required to change behaviour and thereby improve both polio immunization and routine immunization uptake and coverage. There is a need for research into the cost effectiveness, implementation and scalability of mHealth tools, applications and programmes that will help make the eradication of polio a reality.. cheap iphone Cases

iphone 7 plus case Well. Just had to make an entry today after getting a big smile from seeing my stats. I just had to re post it here as well. Despite its continued struggles, Microsoft has refused to give up on mobile. It is still developing Windows 10 Mobile and it retains a small but significant user base of enterprise customers and loyal Windows fans. Discontent is growing though as Microsoft is giving off mixed signals regarding the platform’s future. iphone 7 plus case

iphone 8 case At the same time, there are reports that the larger iPhone 7 Plus would have two cameras on the rear. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S had good cameras iphone 6 credit card case, but then the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 happened. A dual camera module (and possibly better sensors inside) could be Apple’s answer to Samsung. iphone 8 case

iPhone x case Muschietti manages to improve what has come before, adding enough originality, as well as some very imaginative scare sequences. The opening is a rain soaked, bloody phone case with card holder iphone xr, and chilling affair. You might think that you know this scenario, but you never seen it quite like this. iPhone x case

iphone 8 plus case In stopping their heist, she reveals a much larger and more nefarious scheme, which she assembles a small team to put an end to. But this time, she isn working for anyone. No Shield, no Red Room, just Widow and her own morals. My daughter and I went to the movies last Sunday to see Jerry Seinfeld’s and Renee Zellweggers‘ Bee Movie. It was really cute. It was about a unique Bee, Berry, who decided he didn‘t want to spend the rest of his life working like a busy bee, making honey until he died. iphone 8 plus case

iphone x cases „A Batman will always exist, as the Dark Knight is Timeless.“ Inspired by the fantastic sci fi subgenre of steampunk, the Variant Play Arts Kai „Timeless“ series welcomes a new Batman to the fold. The Batsuit features many design aspects inspired by turn of the century steam powered technology such as multiple gears and cogs that can be seen through a transparent piece in the chest armor, and burnished bronze metallic color throughout the design. This Steampunk Batman includes a display stand and interchangeable hand parts. iphone x cases

iPhone Cases sale If reflux is confirmed as the cause, it can be treated with antibiotics and regular monitoring with ultrasound and voiding cystograms. Most children outgrow the reflux, but in some cases surgery is required. A diuretic renal scan, requiring an IV and a catheter, further evaluates kidney function iPhone Cases sale.

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