Rupert has been closed off ever since

ANNIE‘S canada goose outlet MAILBOX KATHY MITCHELL AND MARCY SUGAR Dear Annie, „Rupert“ and I have been married nearly canada goose outlet uk two years. I guess canada goose outlet new york city you could say the marriage was unplanned because we married when I became unexpectedly pregnant. I thought Canada Goose sale Rupert would buy canada goose jacket cheap be happy that I canada goose outlet canada goose outlet black friday was having his child, since he‘d told me he always wanted children. When he didn‘t jump for joy at the news, I assumed he was just in shock and it would pass. But it didn‘t. Rupert has been closed off ever since. He Canada Goose Jackets barely speaks to me. Worse, he has started having a lot more nights out with the guys and has managed to become friends with several younger women. I‘ve explained to Rupert how awful this canada goose jacket outlet makes me feel, but it goes in one ear and out the other. I‘ve put pleading letters in his briefcase, praying he‘ll read them, but nothing happens, so I cry myself to sleep. Right now, the only thing keeping me in this marriage is our daughter. My parents don‘t look kindly on divorce, and honestly, Annie, I really don‘t want to leave him, but I don‘t know what else to do. Can this marriage be saved? Hopelessly Devoted in Illinois Dear Hopeless, Only if both of you are willing to make the effort. Rupert may have wanted children, but apparently, not so soon. He feels trapped into marriage and resents it. However, Canada Goose Online he needs to grow up and accept responsibility for the canadian goose jacket life he’s made. Stop putting notes in his briefcase and then crying yourself to sleep. Tell him point blank that the marriage is in serious trouble and he needs to come with you for counseling. If he refuses, go without him so you can make the best decisions for your daughter and yourself. Dear Annie, Over the weekend, my family had a „friendly“ discussion about the proper etiquette for accessing items that are generally personal. What is OK when it comes to checking a person’s Caller ID log, looking inside someone’s purse, going through pictures on a digital camera or cell phone, etc.? Arguments ranged from snoopy, boorish, disrespectful behavior uk canada goose outlet to no big deal. What is acceptable? Boston Investigator Dear Boston, Looking inside someone’s purse, wallet or tote bag is strictly off limits. Checking their Caller ID log is rude, but people will do it canada goose outlet online because it’s visible to anyone who walks by (very slowly, of course). And while many people don‘t mind, canada goose outlet jackets no one should assume it’s OK to view pictures on a digital camera or cell phone unless invited to do so. But again, canada goose outlet online uk if these items are left out in the open and unattended, you can be sure some busybody buy canada goose jacket will take the opportunity to be nosy. Cell phones and PDAs, in particular, contain personal information that should not be accessed canada goose outlet parka by others. If you want such items to remain private, keep them where they are not canada goose outlet reviews easily perused. Dear Annie, I‘d like canada goose outlet store uk to pass along something that may be helpful to your readers who become stepparents. My brother’s wife left him with three teenage boys. When he eventually remarried, they were concerned about what to call their new stepmother. She is a wonderful lady who had a great idea. She reassured the boys that they already had a mother and that would not change. She suggested they consider her a friend with whom they could speak candidly and not have to fear goose outlet canada raising topics that might be difficult to discuss with a parent. She said, „Friends are canada goose clearance sale called by their first name.“ This worked extremely well over time. It had the added benefit of helping everyone feel comfortable with their new situations. Dave in Louisville Dear Dave, Every relationship with children needs to find its own best expression. Thanks for providing one of them.

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